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Painted Rose and Ghastly Lullaby
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History has a funny way of catching up to you

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This account is run in tandem by :iconhakura-lives: & :iconkitsuneflame78:
//peeks in here
Paint tagged me awhile ago to talk about my bug boy Locust
//sets it down and rolls away

 1. Post these rules
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1) Locust is unaware of his father's identity, when he was still young he would pester Chrysalis about who they were and the only information he ever got out of her was that she didn't bother to learn his name and that he wasn't someone anyone ever wanted to see. This has only served to heighten the Prince's curiosity and he has spent many years since researching draconic history in attempt to narrow down who it might be.

2) He is the only known hive-"king" (you're still a prince Locust, shush), Changelings typically follow female hive-queens but Locust has shown to be a rather capable leader and exhibits the same tendencies as a typical hive-queen (hunting for food and such). Chrysalis isn't entirely sure why her son has these properties but has chosen not too question it.

3) You wanna talk magic powerhouse, lets talk magic powerhouse. Locust has on more than one occasion shown to be powerful in changeling magic and surprisingly, old draconic magic, specifically of the poison sort, this particular half-dragon doesn't breathe fire but is capable of spewing large amounts of toxic fumes, and can detect different types of harmful chemicals and such in everything from cleaners to other animals. His spit can be a bit corrosive if he isn't monitoring it, whoops.

4) His best friend in the world is Helical and he is always excited to see him during their short visits and would often take off with him on some weird adventure the second he'd arrive in Canterlot. Often not returning until much later in the visit, disappearing for days. Its suspected Locust may be harboring more than just friendly feelings for Helical.

5) Locust is engaged to Machi as a political marriage to bring the Changeling empire and Equestria together (even if things have been peaceful for quite sometime). However, Locust doesn't regard Machi with anything more than polite friendship and even then he isn't all to interested in the princess. 

6) Gets along rather well with his mother's wife Zecora and its because of her that his toxic magic is kept in check. His favorite thing to do when he isn't visiting Helical is lounging around with his stepmother and talking, reading or anything with her. He is likewise extremely protective of her and when she was pregnant with his half-sister he rarely left her side. Chrysalis and Zecora found the then little prince's eagerness to attend to zebra's every need rather adorable.

7) When he's excited, happy or flustered he tends to make rather pretty chittering sounds to express those positive emotions. If he's angry he starts making a rather terrifying screeching-hiss sound, many lesser changelings and ponies have been on the receiving end of that sound and can vouch for it being rather intimidating and terrifying.

8) Isn't fond of changing his appearance despite being rather good at it as he thinks if changelings are too be truly accepted than ponies need to get used to their normal appearance.

I ain't tagging anyone



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